August 2009

It is totally normal to go through seasons in our life. It makes sense to me that there are seasons. For example, seasons like a baby, a toddler, a teen, a middle aged, and a senior. Life progresses like that. Then in God’s creation, we see seasons as well. Summer when the fruit is ripe and yummy, rain when the fields are watered preparing the ground for a rich soil. Yes, sometimes you might feel that God appears to be far away. This can happen either because of a sin, or because God might be testing your faith for a season. Either way, spend time with God; give Him the freedom to just love you and to speak to you. Seek Him for His will and not yours. Explore the Bible, and see what God has to say about your life. Be patient. Spend time thinking about what’s true of you because of Jesus. You are God’s child. You are forgiven. If you haven’t experienced Christ yet, we would be glad to lead you to God’s abundant love and forgiveness.


Here is reality. Where will you be if you die today? Do you have the keys of your life and death? I know someone who does. He lives in my heart, and is the Lord of my life. His name if Jesus, and He is real. He loves me and you. He wants to come to your life too, and wants you to experience life to the fullest, even life eternal. The Bible teaches that those who believe in the Lord will be forgiven of all their sins (past, present and future), and will live an new life, even after they die. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

If you are convicted of sin and would like to be “Born Again”, say the following prayer with me:

“Lord Jesus, I need you. Please forgive me of all my sins. Come into my life today. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, and help me to live a life according to how you have planned it for me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”

If you have prayed with all your heart, you are a child of God, forever. Welcome to the family of God. The next step is to get a bible. Read it daily; it is God’s plan for your life. Also, find a good bible teaching church which glorifies God. Or, you are always welcome to my church in Bethany, Oklahoma. Send me an email at; I will be glad to help. May God bless and prosper you.

Welcome to my church blog. Here I upload God’s inspired word  taught in church every Sunday. I hope to revive all who are thirsty with the inspired Word of God. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; who came for mankind, died, was buried, and rose from the dead.