It is totally normal to go through seasons in our life. It makes sense to me that there are seasons. For example, seasons like a baby, a toddler, a teen, a middle aged, and a senior. Life progresses like that. Then in God’s creation, we see seasons as well. Summer when the fruit is ripe and yummy, rain when the fields are watered preparing the ground for a rich soil. Yes, sometimes you might feel that God appears to be far away. This can happen either because of a sin, or because God might be testing your faith for a season. Either way, spend time with God; give Him the freedom to just love you and to speak to you. Seek Him for His will and not yours. Explore the Bible, and see what God has to say about your life. Be patient. Spend time thinking about what’s true of you because of Jesus. You are God’s child. You are forgiven. If you haven’t experienced Christ yet, we would be glad to lead you to God’s abundant love and forgiveness.