There are several possible reasons why God delays an answer to prayer, or be silent. One reason would be that in His wisdom God may see a better solution than the one you are asking for. So He will either delay it or answer you with something better. After all, Jesus is God isn’t He? Another possibility, sometimes we may pray that God would overcome the natural consequences of our poor choices. Sometimes God will do this, but often those consequences need to be faced. The Bible teaches that sin has its effects. However, you could repent and ask for forgiveness, and then pray again. Lastly, another reason for unanswered prayer could be that what is asked may not be God’s Will. Of course Jesus said to ask, and it shall be given, but it is reasonable to think that what is asked must also be approved by Him. In short, God wants us to rely on Him to provide what we need, to deal with any request or situation prayed for. On the other hand, some people pray, yet they do not truly have a relationship with God. Have you ever truly begun a real relationship with God? This is the first thing that needs to be in place for God to answer your prayers. If you need prayer, or if you would like to recommit your relationship with the Lord, do contact us. We will gladly show you the light of God’s Word. God Bless You.